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Welcome to L. Edelstam Art and Antiques

”A house is not a home,” said the American photographer Bruce Weber. He indicated that the house must be filled with contents to be considered a home.

There is a lot in the claim. The contents are what makes us feel at home. To create a pleasant and harmonious home requires time, interest and feeling.

Through our history we can learn about our present and perhaps also about our future.
Antiques and art are very much a part of our history, but just as much a part of our present and future. Present times crafts, beauty and design are also present today and influences our modern design.

In a society where time seems to be an increasingly scarce resource, it is important that we can create a beautiful, harmonious personal place, whether it be at work or at home.

We want, through this website, to give you inspiration on how to decorate your home by using beautiful and interesting antiques of high quality and good design.


Our History

Edelstam Art and Antiques was founded by Lars Edelstam in 1958. Until 1986 we had our gallery in the Old Town in Stockholm, then we moved to Östermalm and since 2015 we have a small showroom on Karlavägen 22. Since the beginning of this decade the company is run by Erik Edelstam.

Lars was involved in the founding of the Swedish Art & Antique-dealer’s Association in the beginning of the 1960th, and was for eight years its President. In more recent years also Erik has been the President of the association between 2008 and 2016. In addition to being a member of Swedish Art & Antique-dealer’s Association, we are also members of its international counterpart, CINOA. CINOA are represented in 23 countries and has about a 5000 individual members across the world. Erik is also a member of the board of CINOA’s since 2006.

Our Activities

Our ambition in our gallery and at fairs and exhibitions is to show exciting combinations and interesting objects from the 1600s until the early 1900s. The emphasis is, however, in Swedish Gustavian pieces of the best quality and furniture from the Swedish Grace period in the 1920th and 30th.

We hope that you as a vistiors at our website will find interesting and unusual objects from different time periods and different styles. Hopefully, we can provide inspiration to create unique and personal decorations. Whether it is a 17th century mirror or an art-deco table, however, the quality is the common denominator.

If you are looking for something special that we do not have for sale at present, we will attempt to locate such an item. We will also be happy to assist you with suggestions and help in decorating your home. In recent years, the number of decorating assignments has increased, and we assist our clients in everything from whole concepts to finding individual items.

We participate continuously in several fairs in Sweden, Antikmässan in Älvsjö in late winter, Helsingborgsmässan in the summer and ”Grand Antiques” now at Millesgården in the autumn.

In addition to buying and selling antiques, we also carry out various types of valuations. For many years, we have been enlisted by the major insurance companies and banks for such missions.


Erik Edelstam